Homemade Wine in Bangalore

If you are looking for the best homemade wine in Bangalore, your search ends here. We have been serving the finest homemade red wine to weddings, parties, birthday celebrations, christmas parties and other events in Bangalore for more than a decade now.

Made from the finest grapes our sweet red wine is perfectly suited to the Indian palate. Compatible with most Indian and Western cuisine; the aroma and the flavour of our wine will blow you away (now don't take that literally!)

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Homemade Red Wine

Although more often consumed at Christian weddings and other similar ceremonies, wine appreciation and consumption has become a part of Bangalore's metropolitan culture.

It is not uncommon for a bottle to be uncorked on a leisurely sunday afternoon, a picnic in the garden or during dinner at home. Read more about the health benefits of red wine here.

So whether it's couple of bottles for a meeting, a few as a give away, or a lot more for a wedding; whatever the celebration be if you want the best homemade wine in Bangalore get  in touch with us.